20 Apr 2010

How to Create a Flash Corner Peel Away Effect

1. Download the required files:

Click, Download
and extract the files. Your how to buy Pregabalin peel/ folder
should contain the following files:

  • large.swf
  • large.jpg
  • small.swf
  • small.jpg
  • peel.js

Plan where you should upload this folder at later stage. For

WordPress users, you are
suggested to upload peel/ inside contactos con mujeres alemanas wp-content/themes/your_current_theme/.
Fow now, let’s fire up your favorite text and image editor.

2. Edit peel.js

rencontre sexe grand mère Open peel.js with your favorite text editor. Change
these following settings:

  1. jaaspeel.ad_url – URL you intend to point to.
  2. jaaspeel.small_path – Path to small.swf
  3. jaaspeel.small_image – Path to small.jpg
  4. jaaspeel.big_path – Path to large.swf
  5. jaaspeel.big_image – Path to large.jpg

Here’s an example, assuming the domain is
and I’m pointing it to

  1. jaaspeel.ad_url =
  2. jaaspeel.small_path = ’’;
  3. jaaspeel.small_image =

  4. jaaspeel.big_path = ’’;
  5. jaaspeel.big_image =


3. Edit the images

  • small.jpg – The small background
    visitors see before content
    behind gets revealed. Edit if you’d like to match it with your
  • large.jpg – What
    visitors will see after pointing
    their mouse to ‘peel the page off’. This is the image you’ll want to

Both flash files, small.swf and large.swf can be left un-touch.

4. Upload files

Upload the entire peel/ folder to via FTP
your web account. Make sure it matches with the settings you’ve entered
earlier in Step 2.

5. Add Javascript in header

Add the following Javascript after <title> before </head>.

  1. <script src=”/WOW/<strong></strong>” type=”text/javascript”></script>
<script src="/WOW/<strong></strong>" type="text/javascript"></script>

You are done! Refresh the

website and you should notice a
peel away effect on the top
right corner of your site.

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