06 Oct 2011

Intro to Drupal Pro’s & Cons’

DrupalDrupal is an open source Content Management System (CMS) available in more than 180 languages. In fact Drupal is more than a Content Management System (CMS), because it offers advanced programming features, so you can use it as a developer tool also.

Below is a intro to just a few pro’s & con’s of using Drupal.


Pros of Using Drupal

  1. Drupal offers all the basic functionality required for developing a basic website, it includes Systems Administration, Page Layout Customization, RSS Feeds, User Account Administration and Menu Management. You can manage different content types like videos, polls and simple text as well. Those who want to develop a community website or forum can do it easily.
  2. Drupal provides ready-to-use themes and templates so you can be up and running out-of-the-box very quickly. Developers can also create unique dynamic theme like many other CMS.
  3. It provides components for building blocks of the website which helps to define content and rules quickly. It comes with pre-defined configuration to build complex websites quickly.
  4. There are more than 7000 modules providing extensive designing capabilities. Many of these modules can communicate with each other seamlessly thanks to Drupal’s unique “node” system.


Con’s of Using Drupal

Drupal provides extensive design & development capabilities but it has some disadvantages also.

  1. Backward compatibility can somestimes be an issue since new major releases often contain radical improvements in functionality, scalability and usability with existing modules.
  2. Loading in Drupal is relatively slower compared to WordPress, this is because of the large number of tools.
  3. While the Drupal community is constantly growing, many of the current modules provide very little documentation. These are often modules less in demand. Because of this, it’s sometimes difficult to understand how & where to configure newly installed modules.

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